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Eat like a local!

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

“The Perfect Pint” - Guinness is usually the beer of choice for most Irish locals … it has been referred to as the “Meal in a Glass”. The only thing better than having a pint of cold Guinness, is having a cold Guinness in IRELAND! So, drink up with the locals and CHEERS to your good fortune of experiencing the perfect pint! 🍻

The Traditional Irish Breakfast - I won’t tell you what is in it, but I will tell you that it is another favorite Irish food of mine: black and white pudding! Along with the black and white pudding, a traditional Irish breakfast also consists of eggs, ham, sausage, and a juicy slice of tomato.  Don’t let anyone tell you that beans and mushrooms should be included … then it would be an English breakfast 🤭

Irish soda bread - available with almost every meal in Ireland and it is scrumptious! You do not want to miss out on a thick slice of heaven! This is wonderful with creamy butter spread atop and dunked in a steaming hot bowl of Irish vegetable (or potato) soup! This is my absolute favorite Irish meal!

Fish and chips - (just remember “chips” = French fries and “crisps” = potato chips … you will be corrected😱). Also, there are some exceptional fish restaurants and fish dishes, especially along the West Coast. FRESH and delicious!

Irish stew

Irish coffee - the combination of whiskey, coffee, and cream is my idea of what heaven tastes like! If the streets are paved in gold, I feel sure the lakes and rivers are flowing with this liquid gold! Once again, it just tastes so much better in Ireland 😋

Irish vegetable soup - Laurie’s #1 “go to” meal in Ireland! I cannot get enough of this delicious soup! There is no such thing as “too much” Irish vegetable soup … especially when you have a nice, thick slice of Irish soda bread to soak up all this yummy goodness! 

bacon and cabbage -

corned beef -  

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