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 Jenni Nowak - Wisconson

Joe was able to take us to all of the postcard perfect places, which were not necessarily the common Irish

tourist spots. As a matter of fact, the unpopulated beaches, the scenic coastal views, and the Connemara

Ponies are not something we ever would have encountered had we ventured out on our own

Nowak Family

John and Cindy - Indiana

We spent a week with Joe traveling around the Southern part Ireland. He showed us many amazing

places, often off the beaten path. His help with taking great photographs enhanced our experience and

gave us wonderful memories to take back home.


Joe is an exceptional tour guide that always takes the

time to know what his guests want and delivers it with enthusiasm. We fell like we now have a good friend in

Ireland and look forward to returning and experiencing even more enchanting places. 

John and Clay testimonial

Tiffany Reed - Oklahoma

Our time in Ireland was so beautiful!

Being able to rest back and not worry about where you were going or (maybe most importantly) how to get there was sooo nice.

Some of the most beautiful places on my bucket list were checked off as well as some I didn’t even know should have been on there!!

An especial jewel of the trip was Laurie’s house. The cottages and hospitality were simply magical.


Thank you so much Laurie!!!

Tour Testimony.jpg

Meghan and Suzy - Chicago

Unreal experience...and we are not done yet! Joe is a wonderful photographer and tour guide!


Highly recommend using his services!

Meghan and Suzy testimonial

Carolyn - Michigan

I was not surprised at how well of grand job Joe did taking care of me and my daughter, but I was

extremely pleased when I discovered how knowledgeable Joe is of Ireland.


He was always sharing with us

local stories and the history of the places we were visiting and sometimes just driving by. Another thing I

was impressed with, that even on the rainy/gloomy days, he had a plan!!!


My daughter and I had a trip of

lifetime and I owe it ALL to Joe. Joe is absolutely fantastic! I look forward to visiting Ireland and Joe again

very soon.

Carolyn Testimonial

Hellen - South Carolina

My daughter’s dream was to see Ireland. And I shared in that dream. By divine guidance, I was referred to

Joe as the best guide in Ireland. And they weren’t kidding. After multiple emails, texts, SMS messages,

and about nine months of (impatient) waiting, Heather and I landed in Dublin on June 10th , 2017. Joe was

right there waiting for us at the airport.

We spent a full week touring the countryside, villages, roads, castles, waterfalls, agriculture, and meeting

wonderful people with a man who knows his business, but Joe’s true talent is with people. You definitely

come to Ireland as a stranger but leave with a new friend.


Ireland – be proud of your native son, Joe Ormonde. He’s one of a kind!

Hellen Testimonial.jpg

Anne Reardon

Wow.. what a fabulous trip to Ireland.. 


No planning needed..  Laurie and Joe Ormonde (Native to Ireland) had everything planned for us. 


Great meals, accommodations, and of course beautiful scenery.  I will definitely go back.  Hidden places you would never find on your own... 


Thank you so much!

Anne Reardon Tour Testimony
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